Our children are our future. It is our responsibility to ensure they have a harmonious environment to grow in, so they may be primed to thrive.

Harmonized family Roots

Babies and Children are very sensitive to the energies of their environment. They are highly attuned to people’s emotions and absorb them like a sponge.

When a baby or child feels the stress of an adult who either isn’t aware of their stress or is unable to manage it, they respond by being irritable, agitated, or overly emotional.

An irritable, agitated and overly emotional baby and child then creates more stress in the adults. This cycle can then keep repeating, creating a challenging environment for everyone.

Harmonized Family Roots utilizes sound and energy movement practices to soothe the nervous system of all members of the family.

As the nervous system is soothed, the mind and body relax.

When the mind and body are relaxed, you feel safe and are able to connect deeply with one another.

You and your babe deserve to foster a deep connection and live harmoniously together.

Living in harmony with your new family creates an environment that fosters a strong family bond.

A strong family bond is essential for building confidence throughout the stages of life.

Your family deserves to live in harmony!


The environment that a baby and child grow up in, shapes them for the future. In order to create a happy, healthy and peaceful world, we need to create this in our own home environments.

This is where it all begins.

Safety and connection are the foundation of a joy-filled, happy, healthy & peaceful home and world.

About me:

I’m Victoria!

It’s a delight and an honor to be here with you!

Why Harmonized Family Roots?

My life’s journey and purpose so far has been to discover:

How can we thrive?

How can we live in joy?

How can we live the most exuberant and fulfilling life?

These questions lead me through the most interesting 3 decades of studying what affects our physical, mental & emotional health.

These include:

My family upbringing (40 years so far)

Registered Nurse (11 years)

Bio-energy Practitioner & teacher (8 years so far)

Breathwork Facilitator and ceremonial space holder (5 years so far)

Women’s Retreat Creator & Facilitator (4 years so far)

Lemurian Shamanic Studies (3 years so far)

Birth Doula (3 years so far)

sound healer (1.5 years so far)

After all of this study, I have come to the answer, my answer, at least.

And that is, the environment that we are born into aka our roots, create the foundation for our lives.

When we have a healthy foundation, we are destined to thrive.

The foundation begins even before we are conceived.

How is your relationship to yourself and your beloved before you have children?

How is your relationship to yourself and your beloved while you are pregnant?

How is your relationship to yourself and your beloved when your babe is born?

What environment are you creating?

This environment is everything.

When the environment is healthy and connected, you and your family are destined to thrive.

Harmonized family roots supports you in creating a healthy and connected environment, with custom breath & sound journey’s for you, your beloved, your unborn or born baby, children & teenagers.

I welcome you to this incredible experience that will support you and your family in coming into deep connection with one another, so that you may create an environment that supports all of you in living your best life.

"Just received an awesome sound bath at home that melted away new baby stress and put us in bliss and harmony. Baby still sleeping. Thank you for that magical heavenly sound bath experience”

M & P

Just wanted to thank you for providing us with a slice of heavenly harmony. We were experiencing some of our darkest moments from as new parents until you graced us with your gentle, loving essence. During the sound bath dark thoughts came up then quickly vanished like they were complete. Afterwards I felt so energised I didn't need my coffee that day. Thank you for this beautiful gift of family harmony!

Georgia, Silver and Baby

Harmonic Family Roots Sound Journey (Single Session)

Excellent Baby Shower Gift Idea


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A 75 minute sound journey to release stress and relax you and your babes nervous system (10 min setup, 10 min take down). Sound healing instruments allow for the body to enter an 'ultra relaxed state.' You will be rejuvenated and feel 'like a new person' after the session. Your babe will likely sleep through the entire session and be deeply relaxed afterward. Relaxed babe = relaxed parents. Relaxed parents = relaxed babe.

Book this session for you and your family or book it for a friend as a gift. It truly is the best gift to give and receive.

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Harmonic Family Roots Sound Journey (6 Session Package Deal)



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This package allows for multiples sessions to support you and your new family. Each session has a cumulative effect and will provide sustained results.

Purchase a package of 6 sessions for the price of 5.

Package expires after 1 year of purchase.

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For those who have received the  6 Session Pre Paid  Package as a gift

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